D-Flex Sleeve Couplings

Known for being a simple, effective solution, D-Flex is the premier sleeve coupling solution that provides you with maintenance-free, reliable performance in critical applications—now it's even better than ever!

New ratings!

Its upgraded EPDM and Neoprene formulation achieves a 32 percent torque rating increase compared to previous versions and significantly improves estimated service life.

Key Differentiators

  • Flanges meet or exceed ASTM B117 corrosion-resistance standards
  • 65-degree set screw angle for maximum holding power
  • Fully stocked in multiple US warehouses for swift lead times

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Want to decrease total cost of ownership while increasing service life?


Reduce costs

  • Enhance operational efficiency by reducing coupling sizes in up to 50 percent of selections for new applications, lowering both initial and future expenses

Increase product life

  • Retrofits to existing flanges, realizing an instant 30 percent boost in service factor to extend application longevity with greater reliability and endurance

Better performance

  • Head-to-head testing proved D-Flex meets or exceeds the performance of TB Woods’ Sure-Flex Plus*
  • Features a 20 percent boost in abrasion resistance and reinforced rigidity, verified by third-party testing
*Accelerated life testing at 150 percent of torque rating and maximum angular and/or parallel misalignment