Food Safe Bearings

As regulations and consumers press manufacturers for more stringent food safety requirements, producers must take a proactive approach to control and prevention of food-borne illnesses. Having the right processes in place and equipment designed around food safety principles is critical.

Dodge Food Safe bearings, designed for easier cleaning and longer equipment life, help you conquer the tough challenges and high-industry standards of food processing.

Improved cleanability

Product design features smooth housing and laser identification to minimize crevices and harboring points for bacteria–mitigating food and health risks.

Reduced maintenance

Bearings are sealed and lubed for life with an H1 food-grade lubricant to reduce maintenance costs.

Extended life

Hydro armor seal protects internal rotating elements from water ingress while a KleenTech insert enhances corrosion resistance from common cleaning agents.


Metal detectable end cap option to detect if an end cap breaks and gets into food. 


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