Motorized Torque-Arm

The industry-leading Motorized Torque-Arm (MTA) shaft-mounted reducer lineup has been expanded to be bigger and better than ever!

With new large size 9, 10, and 12 reducers, assembly packages with patent-pending Atlas Adapter to support large foot-mount motors, and C-face safety input adapter option, you can easily maximize your uptime and lower total cost of ownership with MTA—even in the most demanding, high-torque applications.

MTA New Sizes

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  • Features the highest torque rating per case size, supporting up to 329,000 in-lbs of torque
  • Designed with cast-iron housings for heavy-duty durability to maximize operation uptime


  • The only AGMA-rated, direct-drive design to outlast the competition
  • The only shaft-mount reducer backstop designed to operate with extreme pressure lubricant to minimize internal component wear


  • New C-face safety input adapter allows for coupling access without motor removal
  • Bushing covers and shaft guards for protection from rotating equipment (OSHA and MSHA guidelines)
MTA Exploded View-1

Configurations for foot-mounted motors

The newly expanded offering enables pairing cost-effective foot-mounted motors in frame sizes 364T to 447T with reducer sizes 7 to 12—allowing the use of standard, large foot-mounted motors not commonly stocked in C-face styles to expand application versatility.