Performance Sensor

It's the premier wireless solution for remotely monitoring the condition of your mechanical power transmission equipment, even in the most extreme conditions.

Unleash your operation's maximum potential

Built upon the proven success of Dodge® sensors, its specialized design offers industry-leading reliability and measurements captured.

Enhanced features

Tri-axis accelerometer

Captures precise vibration and temperature data for early detection of potential equipment issues.

Embedded magnetometer

Captures accurate speed measurements in motors for complete powertrain condition monitoring.

High-capacity battery

Offers extended product life with an unprecedented 2-year warranty for low total cost of ownership.

Widest temperature range

Features the widest temperature range for wireless sensors on the market to handle the most demanding applications.

Optify Gen2 sensor_front_left Straight

OPTIFY compatibility

The sensor is compatible with the OPTIFY condition monitoring platform straight out of the box

  • Easily analyze data trends to make better-informed operations decisions
  • Mitigate risk and improve on-site safety through remote asset monitoring
  • Optimize operation efficiency to save valuable time and money


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